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CRAFT Festival | Line-up Release & Ticketsales


As you probably already know, the full line-up for CRAFT Festival 2015, which takes place the 25th of July at the NDSM-Werf in Amsterdam has been released. This year, Lose Your Mind has put in a lot of effort trying to find the right reflection of the hardstyle landscape of today. With even more in-depth concepts, Lose Your Mind hopes to present a complete programme. With a ticket price of only 29.50, CRAFT Festival is affordable for almost anyone. Because of this pricing and the announcement of the programmes for the Penoze and De Tijdmachine stages, ticketsales have risen rapidly. At this time, Lose Your Mind cannot state what consequences this will have for the availability of the tickets, but if this trend continues, well, Lose Your Mind has given you an early warning.

In the end of last year the Lose Your Mind headquarters has been the central place where Lose Your Mind searched for the most ideal alignment for the stages at CRAFT Festival 2015. Other festivals have been observed and from doing so, the best solutions for creating an ideal production for every stage have been found. This year, CRAFT Festival focuses on the experience and wants to meet the wishes of its visitors. The key points in doing so are sound quality, stage productions and all of the facilities, such as food & drinks, accessibility and toilets. CRAFT Festival has chosen to stay close to the origin of the location, which means you can expect to see a lot of the core principles of a shipyard at the festival.

CRAFT Festival does not have 1 outspoken mainstage, but will give out most attention and capacity to both the Penoze and De Tijdmachine stage. The division of the terrain has been changed completely in comparison with last year and Lose Your Mind will give out an extensive explanation about these changes very soon.


Penoze has been an unique concept in every respect for years. The love for the NDSM-werf started 27.07.2013 during Penoze- Can’t Remember a Fucking Thing, which has translated itself to this complete festival. This year, the following live-acts will be performing on the Penoze stage; Gunz for Hire, Frequencerz, Warface and Titanomachy. All forces to be reckoned with. Ran-D, B-Front, Digital Punk and the other artists of the Penoze area are also prepared and ready for battle. After this underground madness, the NDSM-werf won’t know what happened to her.

Gunz for Hire

The most notorious hardstyle live-act will perform in the Netherlands twice this festival season, and only at CRAFT Festival they will perform on a Saturday. Gunz for Hire will spare no effort for this exclusive return to their home country. You can expect a show designed especially on this festival and a set filled with brandnew Gunz for Hire tracks.

De Tijdmachine

The popularity of this concept exceeds the biggest expectations. Reactions from all over the world came pouring in when Lose Your Mind announced that Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers, Brennan Heart and Dana would be performing on this stage. This, together with the presence of D-Block & S-te-Fan, Crypsis, Psyko Punkz and other legends, cannot be anything different than an unique experience for every fan of Hardstyle from the years 2005-2011.


Are you ready for the real raw stuff? Reckless definitely is ready! A battalion of artists have said to defend the flag until everybody drops down. The heavy artillery will be deployed by E-Force LIVE, Adaro will give it his all and Moridin is exactly what a true Reckless act should be. If the real raw lovers aren’t able to get their fix here, we don’t know where.


Where the playfield is currently dominated by the rawer artists, Access hopes to give this trend a healthy counter sound. Supported by the pioneers and all of the upcoming names in euphoric hardstyle, combined with the quirky sounds of Geck-O and Phuture Noize, Access hopes to offer an alternative for this playfield. After all, hardstyle doesn’t have to go darker and darker, it’s the more accessible acts that give color to the scene.


Curious which acts will set the tone for hardstyle the coming years? Future gives you a variety of different nationalities among the upcoming artists. No less than 6 different countries will be represented on this stage. Thus, it comes as no surprise that hardstyle is gaining popularity in lots of different countries.It is Future that gives the CRAFT Festival 2015 visitor a chance to get acquainted with these runners up.

World of Hardcore

Back from never truly gone; World of Hardcore. Where, at first, the decision had been made to focus completely on hardstyle with CRAFT Festival 2015, this decision has been reversed after all the opinions and advices of a lot of visitors. This edition, World of Hardcore contains all different aspects of hardcore; from early hardcore and millennium to the faster and uptempo hardcore. World of Hardcore has something for everyone, even if you don’t usually visit hardcore events.

Ouwe Jongens Krentenbrood

Probably the most surprising stage of the festival. The perfect opportunity arose to do something with hardstyle from the period of 2000-2004 and Ouwe Jongens Krentenbrood found huge support from the artists who were pioneers of hardstyle during this time.Think friends, sunshine, drinks and the hardstyle with which it all started, and no nostalgia is needed to be sure this might just be a very fun, convivial stage. A place where old friends can see each other again and party like it’s 10 years earlier.

The full line-up for CRAFT Festival 2015

Gunz for Hire LIVE - Wildstylez - Radical Redemption - Noisecontrollers - Ran-D - Adaro - D-Block & S-te-Fan - Brennan Heart - B-Front - Frequencerz LIVE - Digital Punk - Warface LIVE - Crypsis - Titanomachy LIVE - Code Black - E-Force LIVE - Atmozfears - Moridin LIVE
Act of Rage - Activator - Adrenalize - Agresive - Alpha2 - Amada - Amnesys - Artifact - Audiofreq - Audiomedics - Audiotricz - Balistic - Bouncing Ball - Chain Reaction - Concept Art - Conqreet Approach - Crisis Era - Crystal Lake - Dana - Danny Scandal - Dark Pact - Davide Sonar - Deetox - Degos & Re-Done - Delete - Devin Wild - Distractor - Dither - Electronic Vibes - Envine - F-Active - F.Noize - Faistos - Fanatics - Feroxx - Furyan - Galactic - Geck-O - Hard Driver - High Voltage - Hynix - Icha - Jack of Sound - Jason Payne - Jones - Josh & Wesz - Lanoz - Lip DJ - Luna - Main Concern - Mandy - Mani - Max Enforcer - MickeyG - Mointec - N-Vitral - Noisecult - Outbreak - Pavo - Phuture Noize - Pila - Promo - Psyko Punkz - Raiden - Requiem - Ryfle - Sequence & Ominous - Silvio Aquila -
Sound Rush - Sub Sonik - Synthax - Tartaros - The Machine LIVE - The Vinyl Pimp - The Viper - Thera - Tieum - Trilok & Chiren - Unchained - Wasted Penguinz - Waverider - Zany
MC Da Syndrome - MC Dash - MC DL! - MC Jeff - MC Livid - MC Nolz - MC Renegade - MC Shizzler - MC Tellem
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