Event Review: Basscon: Wasteland
Written by HardstyleUSA

Insomniac, back with a vengeance, presented the latest edition of their hardstyle brand, Basscon , on Friday, January 23rd at the Hollywood Palladium. Basscon: Wasteland raised the bar once again for hardstyle events in Los Angeles.

The line of hardstyle fans formed rapidly at the Hollywood Palladium. The show started at 9pm, and by then, the line had wrapped around the entire building, proving that this was the place to be on Friday night. It moved quickly, however, allowing fans to not miss a second of the night they had all been waiting for.


The Hollywood Palladium has the feel of an old concert hall, which it is. The circular interior wraps around the venue to allow everyone a view of the stage from any location. The size of the venue was notible, and the upstairs balcony provided plenty more room and view points. There were a handful of bars, restrooms, lounge areas, and even outdoor smoking sections and places to cool off. The dancefloor was full, but their were plenty more areas to be able to move freely and have a clear view of the stage. All aspects of the venue were very organized and convenient which allowed attendees the best experience possible.


With the unfortunate circumstance that the legendary hardstyle artist, Ran-D, was unable to make the event due to a VISA mishap, Insomniac made an excellent last minute decision to have all of the remaining DJs (Lady Faith, LNY TNZ, Isaac, Tuneboy, and Da Tweekaz) play together for the last hour of the night. In place of Ran-D, known for raw hardstyle, this set went harder than the rest to end the night on a high note, even dropping a hardcore track for the finale. Everyone performed their best, both individually and together. Each set was memorable, unique, and very intense. 

For the first US appearance of the Norwegian hardstyle duo, Da Tweekaz, they showed everyone what they are made of. Known for uplifting and high energy music, they brought out the more emotional and happier aspects of hardstyle to connect the crowd. 


The visuals were, as expected from Insomniac, mindblowing. 11 full color laser projectors filled the air with beams of light, sweeping the crowd for the spectacular effect that is not too common in the states. Luckily, Insomniac has learned well from the visual techniques of European raves and does their best to bring that style to the US. European hardstyle parties have always been characterized by massive laser production and visuals, holding nothing back, and finally we are getting the full experience here in the states. Insomniac has come a long way over the years and they are sure doing a great job bringing the overseas experience right to our doorstep. 


Basscon has been a success from the start. The fans were already here, and now Insomniac is finally giving them what they all wanted. Since the debut at EDC in 2013, Basscon has done a fantastic job catering to the diehard hardstyle fanbase and helping it grow. Bringing first time artists to the US with nearly each addition, Insomniac is clearly putting a lot of thought and consideration into their Basscon lineups and keeping them very interesting. The production value, the scale, and the quality of these events are hard to beat. We can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. 

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