Event Review: The Sound of Q-Dance LA Part 3

Event Review: The Sound of Q-Dance LA Part 3
Written by HardstyleUSA

The Sound of Q-Dance LA Part 3 took place Saturday, November 15th. Nearly 5000 die hard fans gathered within the Shrine Expo Hall to yet again witness another mind-blowing and spectacular night of Q-Dance production and top notch hardstyle and hardcore artists.



As the sun began to set, the line of Q-Dancers eagerly waiting to enter the Shrine began to grow. People from all over the US, and some from other parts of the world flocked to the venue. Curious passersby would ask, "Are you going to Q-Dance tonight?", which showed that even the locals are aware of the new series of hardstyle events taking place. Although it may not have been their cup of tea, so to speak, they thought highly of the event and the crowd it brought. The unified and respectful culture of hardstyle fans does not go unnoticed.

As the clock struck 7, the doors opened. The music started simultaneously, featuring the opening act, Skylapse, from Los Angeles, kicking off the night with a diverse warm up set including music such as subground, big room house, and early hardstyle sounds. The efficiency of the staff and venue allowed people to flow in with ease and the seemingly long lines dissipated quickly, keeping attendees from missing any of the madness yet to ensue.

The feeling of walking into the Shrine, even having been to previous editions of Q-Dance shows, is overwhelming. Those who are in line when the doors open get the privilege of experiencing the freedom of wandering around the expanse of the Expo Hall and hearing the thundering echoes of the music as they explore and familiarize themselves with the venue. You never know what you will see when entering through the doors, as Q-Dance builds a completely new and unique stage and setup with each event, giving the element of surprise to each attendee.

The dark and mysterious hall, faintly illuminated with glowing blue lighting, did not give everything away at first. Fans are still left wondering what is in store for them even after they are inside, as the stage, lighting, and visuals have not even begun to fully reveal themselves.


The crowd became denser as the warmup act drew to an end. The real show was about to begin. Now 8pm, the music stopped, the lights dimmed, and the infamous voice of Q-Dance came over the speakers, welcoming everyone back for a 3rd time and introducing the first hardstyle artist of the night, Audiofreq, and the host of the night, MC Villain.


The stage revealed itself to be a multidimensional LED setup, where the images on the screens were so realistic and well placed it appeared to be a constructed stage design, simulating an industrial and mechanical theme, featuring a very unique Q logo. Those currently entering the venue without having seen the changes take place on stage would not have thought it was LED screens at all. Q-Dance may have just reached the next level of stage design, not surprising as they are constantly raising the bar and setting the standard for events and festivals around the world.

The stage changed with each new act, featuring new backgrounds, themes, and faces to create a dynamic visual experience for the audience.


After a somewhat euphoric yet experimental set from Audiofreq, it was time for Psyko Punkz to take the stage, transforming the stage and themes to the medusa from Mysteryland in her temple. During this set, the moment everyone had been waiting for finally came; to be cast into a sea of green lasers, a Q-Dance signature.


As the night went on, the music became harder, the crowd became denser and more lively, and the visual production displayed more and more intensity. The final three hardstyle acts, Technoboy, Coone, and Zatox, were at the point where Q-Dance held nothing back. They had nothing left to hide and revealed their true power; the power that makes them Q-Dance and sets them apart from any other production company. Strobes, lasers, LED spotlights, pyrotechnics, CO2 cannons and confetti, all firing at full force in a beautiful and overwhelming display of  visual art.

Q-Dance may have played it safe for the first two editions, but by the third, after hearing fans cry out for hardcore, those cries were finally answered. For the final hour of the night, Evil Activities and MC E-Life brought the heat. From 170 bpm and beyond, the Shrine has never seen a force so intense. Even after 6 hours of dancing, the crowd mustered up the most energy they had all night and went harder than ever.


Seeing the growth of the crowd and the passion of the fans skyrocket with every edition of The Sound of Q-Dance is something truly remarkable. With some friendly competition from Insomniac's hardstyle series, Basscon, the fans benefit greatly as each company tries to outdo each other. And now, with rumors of an outdoor event and Defqon.1 USA on the horizon, things are escalating rapidly in our favor. Our time has come, and we are ready. As we await the next move from Q-Dance, we can rest assured we will not be disappointed.

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