Event Review: Wasted Penguinz @ Rain Ultraclub

Event Review: Wasted Penguinz @ Rain Ultraclub
Written by HardstyleUSA

          Twisted Productions has done it again. On Friday, November 28th, Wasted Penguinz left their mark on Vancouver.

          Snow began to fall from the sky as a line of shivering, dedicated, fans waited to enter Rain Ultraclub. Set in the old part of Vancouver, with cobblestone streets and brick buildings, lit by street lamps and Christmas lights, it felt like something magical was about to happen. And there was. Wasted Penguinz, a hardstyle duo all the way from Sweden, were performing that night.

          The nightclub was cozy, yet impressive. There were two conveniently located bars, one at the front and one in the back, and the VIP tables were open to everyone. The visuals consisted of hundreds of LED rods hanging from the ceiling and lasers filling the air. Everyone at the nightclub was very welcoming and friendly. They were just there to have a good time and enjoy the music. Hardstyle fans share a very strong bond, connected by their passion of the music they all love.

          The opening DJ's played various types of house music, not what you'd expect before a hardstyle group went on, but no one seemed to mind as they danced with anticipation for the headlining act. The club was packed at this point, around midnight, and Wasted Penguinz were to go on around 12:30. I was wondering how many people where there to see them play, or knew what hardstyle was. I expected to see the crowd thin out once they came on, but once they did, I couldn't have been more wrong. The club erupted in cheers and the dance floor was at its fullest as soon as the Wasted Penguinz took the stage.

          Opening with one of their earlier and more euphoric tracks, Circle of Life, they set the tone for the night. Track after track of euphoric and uplifting sounds, the main characteristics of their style, any Wasted Penguinz fan would have loved to have been there. They covered their older music to their newer, and everything in between. Melancholia, Sorrow, Wait For You, just to name a few. With the crowd singing along to every song, it was clear who everyone had come to see.

          Twisted Productions can always be counted on to bring top notch hardstyle acts to Vancouver and put on a great show. It goes without saying they know what they are doing and are the go to source for bringing out the best talent and putting on the best shows in town. Wasted Penguinz at Rain Ultraclub was a night to remember. The crowd, the energy, the music; every aspect of the night was incredible. Maybe this is usual for Vancouver, but nights like this can be hard to come by. This city sure knows how to throw a party. We can't wait to come back.

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