Hard Talk: An Interview with Cyber
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Seraja Hilbrecht, better known as Cyber, is an up and coming hardstyle producer from Bern, Switzerland. Born in 1995, he is one of the youngest artist to reach the level of success he already has. He began producing at 15 years old and now, just four years later, he is signed to multiple labels, has played at Defqon. 1, and is now booked for the mainstage at Decibel.

With his one of a kind uplifting sound and catchy melodies, Cyber has made quite a name for himself in a very short time. If you haven't heard of him already, you will very soon.

Welcome, Cyber. Let's get started!

At such a young age, and within such a short amount of time, you have had so much success with your hardstyle career. What to do you attribute your success and quality of production to the most?

I think success equals focus and dedication. Since four years ago, I have been spending EVERYDAY in the studio and it is starting to pay off! If you want something bad enough you will work to get it and you will do everything to get the (in this case) recognition and success.

Your unique, euphoric, and uplifting sound took the scene by storm. You pioneered this new style and now others are following your lead. What are you trying to show the world through your music?

For me it’s important to deliver certain qualities and feelings, because in the end, music is all about what you feel from it and how you can relate to it. So I always work hard on that, some people like it... some dont. But music speaks louder than anything else.

You seem to have quite a talent for creating complex and catchy melodies as well as track composition. Did you have a background in music before producing hardstyle? Did you play any instruments?

My musical journey is kinda like a joke almost because I don't really know how to read or write music on a technical level. It just flows out. I don't think music is something that you have to go to school for, I don't think it's math... I think there is something bigger out there that music comes from and certain people have a connection to it.

Everyone has that turning point in there lives, where they find what they wish to dedicate themselves to and how to build their dreams. What was it that inspired you to start producing hardstyle? Who are your biggest influences?

I didn't have the dream of being a music producer or DJ in the beginning, but I got into that four years ago. I started out because my brothers were already DJing, so I thought I would just play around with music a bit. It turned into my biggest passion and now it's my job. I NEVER EVER expected to be where I am now.

Landing a spot on the Decibel mainstage is quite a big deal; something many hardstyle artists can only dream of. Starting out, could you ever have imagined this is where you would be in just a few years? How does it feel?

I never imagined to play on the mainstage this year, cause only since the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 my career really took off and there's still a lot more to come. But when I saw that I will perform on the mainstage I just couldn't believe it haha, it was amazing! Besides that I'm the youngest DJ on the Decibel Mainstage ever (I'm 19 Years old.)

This may be a tricky one to answer, but what is the ultimate goal of your hardstyle career?

I don't think there's a ultimate goal at all, you can reach certain things such as playing at Qlimax, Defqon Mainstage, writing Anthems etc. But for me the ultimate goal is to be a part of the scene and be a big name in it!

Hardstyle is something very special. People seem to either love it or hate it. The passion of the fans is unmatched. What was it about this music that made you fall in love with it?

Hard to say, either you like a genre or you don't. The first time I heard it I felt it was a bit too hard from what I used to listen to, but a few days later I just couldn't stop listening to it and since that day I just fell in love with it.

It is always interesting to learn about different cultures and what makes them unique. Especially how they can translate through music. What is it about Swiss culture that has influenced your sound?

Well the Swiss culture doesn't have any connection with electronic dance music and also not with hardstyle and besides that our scene is Switzerland is really really small so I can't really take any influences from there.

The American scene is growing and many fans would love to see your appearance. Do you have any plans to come the the US and perform in the future?

I'd love to play in America soon but getting the working VISA is a whole different thing.
It really takes a lot time and work and in the end it's not for certain that you will get it.
As soon as I get a lot requests for America we will start working on my visa but I think it won't happen for the next few years (Im really sorry).

What do you enjoy most in your spare time, away from the studio? What are your favorite non-hardstyle hobbies?

If I'm not in the studio (which is very rare) then I'm probably somewhere playing/DJing or hanging around with a friend. I literally spend all my time in the studio working on music!

Tell us about your best party experience so far, whether performing or just in the crowd?

Best party for me was Defqon. 1 2014. I was there as a visitor and I don't know how to explain but it was just awesome! I met so many awesome people and had an awesome time (and got pretty wasted lol), so I’d highly recommend people to visit Defqon at least once ;)

Well that just about wraps up our time with you, Cyber. It has been a pleasure! Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Thanks for having me! For those who dont know me, be sure to check out my stuff and eventually you will like it. And trust me, there are huge things coming ;-)

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