Hard Talk: Interview with Wasted Penguinz
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Hitting the scene in 2010, known for their one of a kind uplifting and euphoric melodies, and ranking amongst the top 100 DJ's in the world, the Swedish hardstyle duo, Wasted Penguinz, recently had a chat with us. In 2013, they became one of the few hardstyle artists to release a full length album, Wistfulness, featuring 23 original tracks. These accomplished hardstyle artists, Pontuz Bergman & Jon Brandt-Cederhäll, playing at major events such as Defqon, Decibel, Hard Bass, and many others, are here to stay. Wasted Penguinz is a name you will only hear more and more. Check out what they had to say!

Both of you had produced other genres of dance music before hardstyle. What got you both into hardstyle individually, and what/who inspired you start producing it?

Correct. We both had our solo aliases Dan-J (Jon) and Teequee/Trancequility (Pontuz). The music we we're making is what you would call "hands-up/eurodance" and what not.

Jon: Well, Pontuz got me into hardstyle, he'd already begun a little bit by himself with his Teequee alias. I think I heard my first hardstyle track in 2006, The Sacrifice by Headhunterz and also Scantraxx Rootz by Headhunterz and Abject (former Frontliner alias). It was Pontuz who showed me these tracks and said something like "you have to listen to these tracks, man".

From there it went on, we got more and more into it and both of us found out more about the genre and were doing research on tracks and different artists. It was a whole new world for us.

What are you trying to tell the world through your music/ what do you want people to feel and think about when they hear you?

It's different from song to song, but we want people to relate to something whether it's a party track or it's a euphoric banger. They all serve different purposes for people. Music speaks louder than words as they say. There's nothing no one can tell you or help you with that will affect you the same way as a piece of art will.

How would you describe your sound to people who are new to or have never listened to hardstyle before?

Party. Euphoria. Beer. haha. :)

You guys have seen a lot of success over the years, playing at Hard Bass, Defqon, Decibel, and many more. Was that a goal from the beginning or just an added bonus of your passion for making music?

You always have new goals you want to achieve. These events were major Milestones in our career.

With success at EDC Las Vegas, TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland USA, and The Sound of Q-Dance LA, what are your thoughts on hardstyle becoming more popular in the US?

It still needs to grow a bit more but it's def on it's way with big events like these with Hardstyle stages making the genre known to people.

Many hardstyle fans in the US have made it clear they would love to see you guys play here. How does it feel knowing you already have a fan base in a country you have never performed in?

It feels amazing.

What is the biggest goal of the Wasted Penguinz career?

That's a hard one. As an artist you're always reaching for bigger goals, we have a lot of them it's too hard to just pick one.

Would you be excited to have a US tour and play at festivals here in the future? Which US city would you most like to perform in?

For Sure! All over ;)

Aside from music, what do you guys enjoy doing in your free time/down time?

Gaming most probably.

What is the favorite drink for the Wasted Penguinz to get wasted on?


To wrap things up, is there anything you like to say to your US fans?

We can't wait to play for you guys in the future!

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